Jaw Die, Swing, HD, Corrugated, 18M, KIT

fits Extec® Model: C12™ Part #: J2960000HD-KIT Kit Weight: 1,972.56 pounds Size: 65.88 x 14.19 x 139.00 inches


The Corrugated Swing Jaw Die Kit for the Extec C12 is designed to include every part required to perform a swing jaw die manganese change for an Extec C12. The kit includes an 18 percent Manganese Corrugated Swing Jaw Die J2960000HD (Qty 1), Compressions Discs SC1006 (Qty 8), LH Swing Jaw Die Wedge J4940000P (Qty 1), RH Swing Jaw Die Wedge J4950000P (Qty 1), Wedge Bolts J4300000 (Qty 2), M42 Form C Washers 194281 (Qty 2), and M42 GR8 Hex Nut 194280 (Qty 2). This kit was created specifically to make the process of changing a Corrugated Swing Jaw Die for an Extec 12 easier to perform, easier to purchase the parts, and easier to afford. The picture displayed is only a representation of this product and does not necessarily depict the exact part being ordered.

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