Mantle, B, H4000, 18M, KIT

fits Sandvik® Model: H4000/H4800/CH440™ Part #: 442-7230-02-KIT Kit Weight: 1,618.63 pounds Size: 70.00 x 43.75 x 70.00 inches


The H4000/H4800/CH440 Mantle B Kit is designed to provide every part necessary to perform a Mantle B manganese change on an H4000/H4800/CH440. The kit consists of a 18 percent Managnese Mantle B 442-7230-02 (Qty 1), Mellott Company Standard Backing Material(6), and a Head Nut with Burning Ring 442-7105-00 (Qty 1). This kit was created specifically to make the process of changing a Mantle B for a Sandvik H4000/H4800/CH440 easier to perform, easier to purchase the parts, and easier to afford. The picture displayed is only a representation of this product and does not necessarily depict the exact part being ordered.

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